Thursday, 7 January 2010

#IranElection Reporters without borders: Iran is "largest prison for journalists"

Reporters without borders describe Iran as "largest prison for journalists"

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Published on German public radio channel "Deutschlandradio" on January 7 2009
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"Reporters without Borders" are concerned about the situation in Iran. They refer to the Islamic Republik as the world's largest prison for journalists. According to Reporters without borders, 42 reporters and so-called "internet dissidents" are currently imprisoned in Iran; after the recent unrest the state has been raiding opposition members and media

As an example, "Reporters without Borders" name Ahmad Zeydabadi and Bahman Ahmadi Amoie. Both have been sentenced to several years in prison. According to this organization, the international community has to urgently get involved in order to avert possible executions of some political prisoners.

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