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Iran in the World Press 14 Jan 2010 #Iranelection

Non-proliferation: Onus is on major nuclear states
This year will be crucial for nuclear arms control. The non-proliferation review conference in May could decide whether the global non-proliferation regime survives or not. And all eyes will be on the United States and Russia to see if the two top atomic powers can reach a deal to reduce their nuclear arsenals. Delivering a speech in Prague in April, US President Barack Obama said his country was committed to seeking “a world without nuclear weapons”.
China Daily | 2010-01-14 | China | Page: 9

Lawmakers threaten UK ties
Dozens of Iranian members of parliament have put forward a proposal to cut relations with Britain, which Teheran has often accused of interfering in its internal affairs, Iranian media reported yesterday. Late last month, Iran summoned the British ambassador in Teheran and Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki threatened Britain with a “slap in the mouth” if it did not stop interfering in Iranian affairs.
China Daily | 2010-01-14 | China | Page: 11

Mehrfrontenkampf im Jemen
SANAA (ag., red). Der Jemen bemüht sich, im Kampf gegen das Terrornetzwerk al-Qaida Tatkraft zu demonstrieren: In der Nacht auf Mittwoch habe die Armee bei einer Schießerei den al-QaidaFührer Abdullah al-Mehdar getötet, vermeldete die Armee stolz. Vier weitere Terroristen seien festgenommen worden, 15 gelang aber offenbar die Flucht, was den Erfolg der Aktion wieder schmälert. Ein Stammesführer wird von der Agentur AP indes mit den Worten zitiert, man hätte die „fehlgeleiteten junge Männer“ ohne Kampf den Sicherheitskräften übergeben können – wenn diese nur vorstellig geworden wären. 
Die Presse | 2010-01-14 | Austria | Page: 9

AYATOLLAH Ruhollah Khomeini established his Islamic regime on the premise of velayet-e faqih, the undisputed moral and religious authority of the supreme leader as a successor to the prophet Mohammed and the infallible Shia imams. This premise was set to justify and guarantee the survival of the system he created. Undisputed authority, he thought, with a back-up from Allah, cannot be challenged. But as events in Iran unfold, it becomes clear this is no longer the case. 
The Australian | 2010-01-14 | Australia | Page: 10

BEIJING — China successfully tested emerging military technology aimed at destroying missiles in mid-air, the government said, while state media warned ties with Washington would be hurt by U.S. missile sales to Taiwan. China claims Taiwan is an illegitimate breakaway from mainland rule and sees the U.S. arms sales as an intrusion into a domestic dispute. 
The Standard (St. Catharines) | 2010-01-13 | Canada | Page: 28

Bomb hurts three in Hezbollah stronghold
A bomb apparently meant for a Hezbollah figure went off Wednesday in a southern Lebanese stronghold of the militant group, wounding his daughter and two other students waiting for their school bus, military and security officials said. The officials said the bomb exploded around 7:30 a.m. (0530 GMT) at the entrance of an apartment building in the village of Kfar Fila. 
The China Post | 2010-01-14 | Taiwan | Page: 2

Iran anti-gov’t use money to write protest slogans
Facing hard-line forces on the streets, I ran’s anti-government demonstrators have taken their protests to a new venue: writing “Death to the Dictator” and other opposition slogans on bank notes, while officials scramble to yank the bills from circulation. There’s no way to calculate how much Iranian currency has been scribbled on or stamped with dissident messages in recent months in response to efforts to halt public demonstrations or choke off the Internet and cell phone messaging. 
The China Post | 2010-01-14 | Taiwan | Page: 2

Newspaper Page
This image, taken by an individual not employed by the Associated Press and obtained by the AP outside Iran, is a scan made Monday, Jan. 11, of a 2,000 rial Iranian banknote showing the Islamic Republic's revered founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and a handwritten pro-opposition graffiti in Farsi in green reading "We are countless" and showing the "V" for victory sign.
The China Post | 2010-01-14 | Taiwan | Page: 2

Obama’s foreign failings put U. S. at greater risk
Most Americans have painfully noticed that President Obama’s domestic policies aren’t getting the job done with record deficits, soaring public debt and rising unemployment — not to mention the nightmarish health care debate. Fewer, however, have probably realized the Obama administration’s foreign and national security policies are flagging after a year in the White House, too, putting the United States (U.S.) at increasing risk in an already dangerous world. 
The China Post | 2010-01-14 | Taiwan | Page: 8

Campbell was let off too lightly
IT’S disappointing that the Chilcot Inquiry panel did not focus relentlessly on the gaping hole in Alastair Campbell’s defence of his and Tony Blair’s record in Iraq, summed up in his written evidence that “when the diplomatic process clearly was not going to resolve the issue, post [UN resolution] 1441 and when the French pulled the plug, then military action became the only means of response”. This grossly misrepresents what happened.
London Evening Standard (West End Final B) | 2010-01-13 | UK | Page: 45

Iran: Israel, CIA killed scientist
TEHRAN—PARLIAMENT SPEAKER ALI Larijani, Iran’s former chief nuclear negotiator, accused intelligence agents of the United States and Israel on Wednesday of plotting a bombing which killed a top atomic scientist. “We had received clear information a few days before (the assassination) that the (intelligence) service of the Zionist regime, with the cooperation of the CIA, were seeking to carry out a terrorist act in Tehran,” the ISNA news agency quoted Larijani as saying. 
Philippines Daily Inquirer | 2010-01-14 | Philippines | Page: 22

It’s tough at the top
Dennis Atkins attacked from the Right, he’s being sniped at by his own supporters. Perhaps the most powerful voice of dissent inside the tent came just before New Year from Leslie H. Gelb, the president-emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, who warned that unless Obama got his act together he could end up a one-term president like Jimmy Carter. The Carter comparison – seen on the cover of the latest Foreign Policy magazine with photos of Obama and Carter next to each other with an ‘‘equals’’ sign in between – is deadly in Democratic circles. 
The Courier Mail | 2010-01-14 | Australia | Page: 30

Group sues US Government for labelling it terrorist
WASHINGTON: The People’s Mujahideen is sick and tired of being called a terrorist organisation by the US Government. So its leaders settled on a uniquely American strategy: they sued. Yes, the group has done its share of assassinations, bombings, embassy attacks and killings of US troops. But that was long ago, and now the People’s Mujahideen says it has devoted itself to democracy and nonviolence, and it would like very much to be taken off the State Department’s list of international terrorist groups. 
The Sydney Morning Herald | 2010-01-14 | Australia | Page: 9

TEHRAN: Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, Iran’s former chief nuclear negotiator, on Wednesday accused intelligence agents of the United States and Israel of plotting a bombing which killed a top atomic scientist.
Manila Times | 2010-01-14 | Philippines | Page: 12

Scienziato ucciso in Iran
Giallo in Iran: ucciso uno scienziato dell’università di Teheran. Il regime accusa Israele dell'omicidio. L’uomo, che risulta un «sostenitore della Rivoluzione islamica del 1979», è stato assassinato con una motobomba.
Corriere della Sera | 2010-01-13 | Italy | Page: 40

Motobomba a Teheran Ucciso fisico nucleare
GERUSALEMME — Tutto troppo strano. Il modo per ucciderlo: una motobomba, (quasi) mai vista in Iran. E il motivo: Massud Ali Mohammadi, 50 anni, docente di fisica quantistica a Teheran, non era conosciuto come un esperto di nucleare, non era una voce forte dell’opposizione, non era un amico del regime. Era un professore e basta, a quel che si sa. 
Corriere della Sera | 2010-01-13 | Italy | Page: 10

‘US, Israel behind scientist’s death’
Remote-controlled bomb kills Tehran University nuclear expert TEHRAN | A remote-controlled bomb killed a Tehran University nuclear scientist yesterday, state media reported, in an attack which Iran blamed on American and Israeli agents. The blast which killed Professor Massoud Ali-Mohammadi occurred at a time of heightened tension in the Islamic Republic, seven months after a disputed presidential poll plunged the major oil producer into turmoil. 
Times of Oman | 2010-01-13 | Oman | Page: 1

Israeli PM backs Turk diplomat’s slap-down
ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has backed the public humiliation of Turkey’s ambassador to Tel Aviv as diplomatic relations between the once-close allies teeter on the brink of collapse. With Turkey still evaluating its response to ambassador Ahmet Celikkol’s treatment, Mr Netanyahu warned Turkey’s relationship with Iran should be of grave concern to the West. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned Turkey ‘‘ will respond appropriately’’ unless Israel ‘‘stops provoking’’ his country. 
The Age | 2010-01-14 | Australia | Page: 10

Scientist killed by motorbike bomb
– Massoud AliMohammadi, an Iranian nuclear scientist, left his home in the affluent Qeytarieh district of northern Tehran on Tuesday to go to work at Tehran University. He never made it. The professor, 50, who was married with children, had scarcely strode out of the house before he was killed by the blast from a remote-controlled bomb strapped to a parked motorbike. Passersby were injured, a car was set ablaze and the windows in nearby shops and apartments were shattered, leaving the road covered with blood and debris. 
Taranaki Daily News | 2010-01-14 | New Zealand | Page: 8

Iranian professor dies in bombing
A remote-controlled bomb attached to a motorcycle killed an Iranian physics professor outside his home in northern Tehran yesterday, state media reported. The reports blamed the United States and Israel for the attack. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. A state broadcaster, IRIB, quoted a Foreign Ministry spokesman as saying that “in the initial investigation, signs of the triangle of wickedness by the Zionist regime, America and their hired agents are visible in the terrorist act” against the scientist, Massoud Ali Mohammadi. 
Honolulu Star-Bulletin | 2010-01-13 | USA | Page: 14

Iran assassination
A lecturer in nuclear science at Tehran University, Massoud Mohammadi, was killed when a remote-controlled bomb hidden on his motorcycle exploded near his home in Tehran yesterday, state-run media said, describing it as an assassination by ‘‘counterrevolutionary elements’’ . – AFP
The Sydney Morning Herald | 2010-01-13 | Australia | Page: 10

Outspoken scientist dies in blast
Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, an Iranian nuclear scientist, left his home in the affluent Qeytarieh district of northern Tehran on Tuesday to go to work at Tehran University. He never made it. The professor, 50, who was married with children, had scarcely strode out of the house before he was killed by the blast from a remote-controlled bomb strapped to a parked motorbike. Passersby were injured, a car was set ablaze and the windows in nearby shops and apartments were shattered, leaving the road covered with blood and debris. 
The Press | 2010-01-14 | New Zealand | Page: 16

Key seeks answers on shell companies
PRIME Minister John Key has ordered a report on why a single Auckland address has almost 2500 shell companies registered to it. He said on his return from his Hawaiian holiday yesterday that if New Zealand’s international reputation was being harmed by its company registration system, changes could follow. He has directed Commerce Minister Simon Power to report on the issue in the wake of revelations a New Zealand company was used to charter a Georgia plane to fly North Korean arms to Iran. 
The Dominion Post | 2010-01-14 | New Zealand | Page: 5

Outspoken scientist killed on way to work
IRAN: Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, an Iranian nuclear scientist, left his home in the affluent Qeytarieh district of northern Tehran on Tuesday to go to work at Tehran University. He never made it. The professor, 50, who was married with children, had scarcely strode out of the house before he was killed by the blast from a remotecontrolled bomb strapped to a parked motorbike.
The Dominion Post | 2010-01-14 | New Zealand | Page: 19

Physics professor killed in Iran
TEHRAN, Iran – A nuclear physics professor who publicly backed Iran’s Opposition Leader Mir Hossein Mousavi in the disputed June presidential election was killed yesterday when a bombrigged motorcycle blew up outside his home. The blast, apparently set off by a remote trigger, left a puzzling mix of clues about why a 50-year-old researcher with no prominent political voice, no published work with military relevance and no declared links to Iran’s nuclear programme would be targeted. 
Daily Nation (Barbados) | 2010-01-13 | Barbados | Page: 13

Diplomatic stand-off over TV drama
JERUSALEM— Even in the tough world of Middle East diplomacy, it was a startling snub: the Turkish Ambassador was seated lower than his Israeli host, denied not only a handshake but a smile — all for the benefit of eager Israeli TV crews. While diplomatic messages are often found in subtle gestures, Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon offered a humiliating reprimand of Ankara’s envoy — ostensibly over a TV show.
The New Zealand Herald | 2010-01-14 | New Zealand | Page: 20

Slain physicist linked to Iran reformists
The Iranian nuclear physicist killed by a bomb near his home on Tuesday had ties to the reformist movement led by opposition leader Mir-Hossein Moussavi. Dr Moussad Ali-Mohammadi was leaving his house for work at Tehran University when the bomb, attached to a motorcycle, went off, killing him instantly. The bomb is thought to have been detonated remotely. Iranian authorities blamed exiled opposition movements working on behalf of America and Israel, a charge denied by Washington officials. 
The New Zealand Herald | 2010-01-14 | New Zealand | Page: 14

Relatie Israël en Turkije verslechterd
Ayalon ontbood de ambassadeur maandag om zijn woede te uiten over een televisieprogramma op de Turkse televisie, waarin sprake is van Israëlische geheim agenten die baby’s stelen. Ayalon zette een decor op om die woede er bij de ambassadeur, Ahmet Oguz Celikkol, goed in te wrijven. Ayalon en twee medewerkers gingen op hoge stoelen zitten, en Celikkol werd, zonder handdruk vooraf, aan de overkant van de tafel op een laag bankje gezet. Op de tafel was een Israëlische vlag neergezet.
NRC Handelsblad | 2010-01-13 | Netherlands | Page: 4

Commotie niet te volgen op inhoudelijke gronden
De commotie naar aanleiding van het rapport van de commissie-Davids is wel op partijpolitieke, maar niet op inhoudelijke gronden te volgen. Zo heette het dat de volkenrechtelijke onderbouwing niet deugde. Boeiend, maar dat hadden wij ook al in 2003 gehoord. Als een volkenrechtelijke onderbouwing afhankelijk is van de VN Veiligheidsraad, dan weten we het wel: opportunistische veto’s – uit allerlei richtingen – bepalen ineens iets van ‘een’ volkenrecht. In die situaties spelen principes (recht dus) doorgaans geen rol. 
NRC Handelsblad | 2010-01-13 | Netherlands | Page: 7

Iran start proces tegen baha’i’s
Teheran, 13 jan. In Teheran is gisteren een proces begonnen tegen zeven leden van de baha’iminderheid die worden beschuldigd van spionage, activiteit tegen de nationale veiligheid en ‘corruptie op aarde’. Dat hebben de staatsmedia bekendgemaakt. Op ‘corruptie op aarde’ staat de doodstraf. Volgens de internationale baha’igemeenschap worden de zeven in werkelijkheid wegens hun geloof vervolgd. In Iran zijn de rechten van christenen en joden in de grondwet vastgelegd.
NRC Handelsblad | 2010-01-13 | Netherlands | Page: 5

Scientist killed by bomb outside home in Iran
TEHRAN, Iran — A senior physics professor who publicly backed Iran’s opposition leader was killed when a bomb-rigged motorcycle exploded as he left for work Tuesday. The government blamed the U. S. and Israel for the attack. The blast apparently was set off by a remote trigger, but it was unclear why the professor was targeted. The victim was a 50year-old researcher with no prominent political voice, no published work with military relevance and no declared links to Iran’s nuclear program. 
The Sault Star | 2010-01-13 | Canada | Page: 19

Acabar con los privilegios de los controladores
JOSÉ BLANCO culpó ayer a los controladores aéreos de las elevadas pérdidas de AENA y anunció que sus puestos serán suprimidos en los aeropuertos de menos de 50 operaciones diarias. El Ministerio de Fomento pretende también que los controladores trabajen más tiempo con una menor remuneración, ya que ahora perciben la friolera de 350.000 euros de media por trabajador. Los datos que facilitó el ministro de Fomento son escandalosos, ya que existen 31 controladores que ganan más de 720.000 euros brutos anuales. 
El Mundo | 2010-01-13 | Spain | Page: 3

Hipocresía en el trato a los inmigrantes
Sr. Director: En Rosarno (Italia), con violencia, y en Vic (España), con el padrón en la mano –y con él, la identidad civil(educación, salud...)–, Europa se está empezando a movilizar en contra de los inmigrantes que no quiere. El viejo continente pretendía encontrar a un joven soltero, centroafricano, musulmán no practicante, para emplearlo en las faenas agrícolas; a peones de la construcción capaces de vivir en las obras donde trabajan y dispuestos a la movilidad continua de tajo en tajo; a una mujer de mediana edad, cargas familiares en origen, de tez clara y católica practicante para el servicio doméstico; a mujeres y hombres moldeables por el horario de la hostelería, la limpieza industrial y el comercio... Todos ellos, dispuestos a cobrar un 40% menos que la población local. Pero llegaron personas. Casos como éstos demuestran que no se trata de racismo, sino de economía. Luis Fernando Crespo Zorita. Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).
El Mundo | 2010-01-13 | Spain | Page: 16

Outspoken scientist dies in motorbike bomb blast
TEHRAN – Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, an Iranian nuclear scientist, left his home in the affluent Qeytarieh district of northern Tehran on Tuesday to go to work at Tehran University. He never made it. The professor, 50, who was married with children, had scarcely strode out of the house before he was killed by the blast from a remote-controlled bomb strapped to a parked motorbike. Passersby were injured, a car was set ablaze and the windows in nearby shops and apartments were shattered, leaving the road covered with blood and debris. 
The Southland Times | 2010-01-14 | New Zealand | Page: 14

Director could face jail after Iran arms flight
AN AUCKLAND director whose company was used to hire a plane allegedly smuggling North Korean arms to Iran could face five years jail for supplying false information to the Companies Office, a legal expert says. Claims New Zealand company registration processes were lax were rejected by Roger Wallis, a partner in law firm Chapman Tripp. Rules simply enforced. ‘‘ Our problem is not with company registration; it is that we are a bit behind on antimoney laundering legislation.’’ 
The Nelson Mail | 2010-01-13 | New Zealand | Page: 9

US outraged at killing claim
The United States has rejected as ‘‘absurd’’ an allegation by Tehran that Washington had a hand in a bomb attack that killed an Iranian nuclear scientist. ‘‘Charges of US involvement are absurd,’’ State Department spokesman Mark Toner said today, after Iran’s foreign ministry accused US and Israeli ‘‘mercenaries’’ of being behind the bomb plot. Massoud Ali Mohammadi, a particle physics professor at prestigious Tehran University, died when a bomb strapped to a parked motorcycle was triggered by remote control outside his home in northern Tehran. 
The Nelson Mail | 2010-01-13 | New Zealand | Page: 7

Blast kills Iran nuclear scientist, Tehran says US, Israel responsible
A REMOTE-CONTROLLED bomb killed a Tehran University nuclear scientist outside his home on Tuesday, state media reported, in an attack which Iran blamed on US and Israeli agents. The blast which killed professor Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, 50, occurred at a time of heightened tension in country, seven months after a disputed presidential election plunged it into turmoil. It also coincided with a sensitive time in Iran’s row with the West over its nuclear ambitions, with major powers expected to meet in New York on Saturday to discuss possible new sanctions on Tehran over its refusal to halt its atomic work.
The Indian Express | 2010-01-13 | India | Page: 12

Iran beschuldigt Israël en VS na moordaanslag
schreven Mohammadi als een vooraanstaand nucleair wetenschapper, maar bevatten geen aanwijzingen over eventuele betrokkenheid bij het atoomprogramma. Volgens andere bronnen heeft hij bij de opbouw van het Iraanse kernprogramma geen grote rol gespeeld. De staatstelevisie noemde hem een trouw aanhanger van de islamitische revolutie van 1979. Maar volgens diverse oppositiewebsites was hij een van de honderden acaAmiri. 
De Volkskrant | 2010-01-13 | Netherlands | Page: 5

Wetenschapper Iran opgeblazen
TEHERAN Iran heeft de VS en Israël beschuldigd van betrokkenheid bij de moord, dinsdag in Teheran, op een nucleaire wetenschapper. Massoud Mohammadi is de derde Iraanse nucleaire wetenschapper sinds 2007 die onder mysterieuze omstandigheden is vermoord of is verdwenen. Washington noemde de Iraanse beschuldiging meteen absurd. 
De Volkskrant | 2010-01-13 | Netherlands | Page: 1

Iran : mystérieux assassinat d’un universitaire Un scientifique proche de l’opposition, et présenté par le régime comme un spécialiste nucléaire, a été tué, hier, à Téhéran.
MOYEN ORIENT Ingérence étrangère ou règlement de compte interne ? Au lendemain d’une explosion ayant causé la mort d’un professeur de physique iranien, les circonstances de cet attentat ciblé font l’objet d’une vive polémique, au moment où Téhéran traverse sa plus grave crise politique depuis 1979. La radio-télévision d’État, qui s’est empressée de relayer l’information, y voit la main des « agents sionistes et américains ». 
Le Figaro | 2010-01-13 | France | Page: 7

İranlı şizikçiye motosikletle bombalı suikast
İRAN’DA nükleer şizik uzmanı proşesör doktor Mesud Muhammedi, dün başkent Tahran’ın kuzeyindeki evi yakınlarında uzaktan kumandalı bomba yüklü motosikletle düzenlenen saldırı sonucu hayatını kaybetti. Tahran yönetimi, olayın ardından ABD ve İsrail’in yönlendirdiğini iddia ettiği İranlı bir silahlı muhaliş grubu suçlarken, ABD suçlamaları “saçma” olarak nitelendirdi. Muhammedi’nin adı, haziran ayındaki cumhurbaşkanlığı seçiminde muhalişlere destek verenler arasında geçiyordu.
Sabah | 2010-01-13 | Turkey | Page: 18

Rusya’dan sevgilerle
Her yurtdışı gezimizi duyurduğumuz “Klasik” girişle başlayalım: Siz bu satırları okurken biz Moskova’da olacağız. Başbakan Erdoğan’la birlikte. Bu, Erdoğan’ın yeni yıldaki ilk önemli dış hamlesi olacak. En azından Kremlin’deki Dimitri Medvedev-Vladimir Putin ikilisi için. Çünkü yıl sonu veya yılbaşı tatilini uzun, çok uzun (15 gün) tutan Rusya’da 2010 mesaisi yeni başladı. Moskova randevusu Erdoğan ile Putin’i yanlış saymadıysak, onuncu kez bir araya getirecek. 
Sabah | 2010-01-13 | Turkey | Page: 5

Atomphysiker ermordet
Ein iranischer Professor für Atomphysik ist am Dienstag bei einem Bombenattentat in Teheran getötet worden. Der ferngezündete Sprengsatz detonierte nach Angaben des staatlichen Fernsehens als der Wissenschaftler Massoud Ali-Mohammadi in seinen Wagen einsteigen wollte. An dem umstrittenen Atomprogramm seines Landes ist der getötete Quantentheoretiker offenbar nicht beteiligt. 
Der Tagesspiegel | 2010-01-13 | Germany | Page: 5

Iran, una moto-bomba per il fisico nucleare
L’ uccisione i eri a Teheran di uno scienziat o nucleare i raniano ha avuto una r i sonanza sproporzionata r i spetto al mero f atto, scatenando una furiosa controversia su chi siail responsabile. Controversia subito t i nta di giall o. Nemmeno Le Carrè avrebbe saputo f are di meglio: abbiamo la figura - alt amente si mbolica, specie dopo la romanzesca vi cenda di Vanunu - dello scienziato ucciso.
Il Mattino | 2010-01-13 | Italy | Page: 1

Iran, una moto-bomba...
Abbiamo un regime non occidentale come l'Iran, immerso a sua volta in una temperie prerivoluzionaria. Ma stavolta, se si vuol capire il vero significato di questo delitto, proprio a questi elementi di contesto occorre guardare. Infatti la figura in sé non lo spiega: Massud Ali Muhammadi, lo scienziato ucciso, era infatti una figura di secondo piano nel programma nucleare iraniano e per lo più un fisico teorico che insegnava all'università. Ciò che è davvero significativo è invece il momento nel quale questo attentato è avvenuto. 
Il Mattino | 2010-01-13 | Italy | Page: 8

Iran, ucciso un fisico: è la guerra nucleare segreta
Fin qui, come si diceva del bandito Giuliano, l’unica cosa certa è che sia morto. Per il resto avanti con le accuse. E che accuse. Di buone ragioni per far fuori Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, lo scienziato iraniano dilaniato da una motobomba esplosa, ieri mattina, davanti alla sua abitazione di Teheran, ce n’erano a bizzeffe. La prima, è che era un cervellone, una delle teste più lucide della fisica atomica iraniana, uno scienziato in grado di fornire un contributo importante alle ricerche sul nucleare. 
Il Giornale | 2010-01-13 | Italy | Page: 17

In 5 miliardi sono perseguitati per la loro fede
I temi religiosi sono tornati in auge da quando i terroristi islamici ci hanno fatto capire, a suon di bombe e sgozzamenti, che c’è al mondo un sacco di gente per cui la religione è una cosa importante. Così, ci siamo dovuti interessare al fatto - e, dunque, accorgere - che al mondo c’è anche un sacco di gente per niente libera di praticare la religione che preferisce. Ma non sapevamo che quest’ultima categoria di persone costituisce la maggioranza schiacciante del genere umano. 
Il Giornale | 2010-01-13 | Italy | Page: 16

Ora l’obiettivo è colpire le élite. Funzionerà?
Il polverone sollevato in queste ore in Iran sull’assassinio dello scienziato nucleare Massoud Ali Mohammadi è fatto di informazioni e disinformazioni che si elidono: era un grande sostenitore del regime; no, era un fiero alleato di Mir Hossein Moussavi, anzi aveva firmato una lettera in suo sostegno; era stato visto per strada inseguire gli studenti che partecipavano alle manifestazioni; no, era un tipo completamente apolitico. È stato il Mossad, sono stati gli americani; no, è un assassinio interno al regime
Il Giornale | 2010-01-13 | Italy | Page: 17

Bombe zerfetzt Atomforscher
Eine ferngezündete Motorradbombe hat gestern den iranischen Physiker Massud Ali Mohammadi getötet. Die Bombe explodierte, als der 50-Jährige in sein Auto stieg. Die Regierung in Teheran warf den USA und Israel sowie den „Söldnern der Weltmächte“ vor, hinter dem Anschlag zu stecken. Der Atomphysiker sei einem „Terroranschlag von Gegenrevolutionären und Elementen der Arroganz zum Opfer gefallen“. Vermutlich sei der Anschlag im Auftrag der Israelis von den oppositionellen Volksmudschahedin verübt worden.
Hamburger Morgenpost | 2010-01-13 | Germany | Page: 5

Снова лидер
Airbus второй год подряд обгоняет Boeing по числу поставленных самолетов и заключенных контрактов, следует из годового отчета европейской корпорации. Поставки Airbus в 2009 г. – 498 лайнеров, новые заказы – еще на 300. Результаты Boeing – 481 и 263 самолета соответственно.
Vedomosti | 2010-01-13 | Russia | Page: 8

Новинки книжных развалов
Исследовательские университеты США: механизм интеграции науки и образования М.: МАГИСТР, 2009. 399 С. В Бермудском треугольнике постоянно что-то исчезает, порождая массу слухов, мифов и легенд. В Исследовательском треугольнике США, которому в этом году исполнилось 50 лет, все наоборот: там варится чудесное снадобье, позволяющее непрерывно размножаться современному бизнесу – ныне в нем действует «более 1500 стартовых компаний, в том числе крупнейшие транснациональные корпорации с числом занятых более 11 000 человек». 
Vedomosti | 2010-01-13 | Russia | Page: 6

Битва стандартов
Компания Uninor, подконтрольная акционеру «Вымпелкома» Telenor, опубликовала данные о количестве абонентов за первый месяц работы в Индии. К концу декабря 2009 г. Uninor обслуживала 1,2 млн абонентов в восьми округах Индии, где она предоставляет услуги сотовой связи в стандарте GSM. Число абонентов Sistema Shyam Teleservices (SSTL), контрольный пакет которой принадлежит АФК «Система», перевалило за 1 млн человек лишь за восемь месяцев.
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Рискнуть пенсией
Вдекабре Минфин досрочно закрыл рублевый депозит в о Внешэкономбанке на 175 млрд руб., который госкорпорация получила в октябре 2008 г. на поддержку фондового рынка, и открыл валютный: Минфин разместил $2 млрд из фонда национального благосостояния (ФНБ, объем на 1 января – $91,56 млрд) под LIBOR + 2,75%. Срок возврата – 1 июля 2011 г., проценты Внешэкономбанк будет выплачивать каждые шесть месяцев. Деньги размещены с целью повышения доходности и диверсификации вложений ФНБ, говорится в сообщении Минфина. 
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Iraanse professor komt om in aanslag
TEHERAN Bij een bomaanslag in de Iraanse hoofdstad Teheran is een professor vermoord. Iran geeft de VS en Israël de schuld, de oppositie zegt dat hij op de lijst van 420 professoren stond die de oppositie steunen. De moord op de vijftigjarige professor Masoud Ali Mohammadi van de universiteit van Teheran vond gisterochtend plaats nabij zijn huis in een noordelijke buitenwijk van de hoofdstad. Sommige bronnen melden dat er een bom in een vuilnisbak verstopt zat, anderen beweren dat ze aan een bromfiets was vastgemaakt. 
De Morgen | 2010-01-13 | Belgium | Page: 18

Spänt efter bombdåd mot fysiker
Enligt andra uppgifter var Mohammadi snarare en regimkritiker, om än inte en person som blivit offentligt känd som sådan. Mordet på Masoud Ali Mohammadi ökar ytterligare spänningen mellan regeringen och oppositionen. Det sätt som den iranska regimen snabbt pekade ut inhemska regimkritiker för att tillsammans med USA och Israel vara skyldiga till dådet, väcker farhågor för att regimen kan använda attacken som en förevändning för att åter slå till hårt mot oppositionella. 
Dagens Nyheter | 2010-01-13 | Sweden | Page: 16

Hamas styr Gazaremsan sedan 2007
styr palestinska Gazaremsan sedan 2007. Den väpnade grenen av Hamas kallas Izz al-Din al-Qassambrigaderna. av bland annat USA stämplats som en terrororganisation som har som långsiktigt mål att ersätta staten Israel med en islamisk stat som ska omfatta Israel, Västbanken och Gaza. BM-21 Grad är ett ryskt raketartillerisystem som utvecklades i början av 1960-talet. 
Dagens Nyheter | 2010-01-13 | Sweden | Page: 15

Assassinated researcher was a ‘hezbollahi’
ran’s state-run Arabic-language television Al-Alam identified Mohammadi as a ‘hezbollahi’ teacher — a term used for staunch supporters of the Iranian regime. None of the reports said whether Mohammadi was connected to Iran’s nuclear enrichment programme and a colleague described him as non-political. “He was a prominent full professor but he was not a political figure. 
DNA (Daily News & Analysis) | 2010-01-13 | India | Page: 11

Hackers calling themselves the Iranian Cyber Army briefly hijacked the homepage of China’s top search engine, Baidu Inc, on Tuesday, weeks after doing the same thing to Media carried screenshots of Baidu’s home page showing a message: “This site has been hacked by Iranian Cyber Army” against a dark background and the flag of Iran. The group hacked popular microblogging website Twitter in December, replacing Twitter’s homepage with the same headline and an anti-American message.
DNA (Daily News & Analysis) | 2010-01-13 | India | Page: 11

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