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Iran in the World Press 10 Jan 2010 #Iranelection

UK troops tried to keep hostages out of Iran
British troops in southern Iraq were scrambled to the Iranian border after the abduction of five British hostages in May 2007, in a failed attempt to stop them being taken into Iran, The Guardian newspaper has learned. 
South China Morning Post | 2010-01-09 | China | Page: 8

Taiwanese firm sends parts to Iran Nuclear components sent to Iran
A Taiwanese company agrees to a request from a mainland firm to procure sensitive components with nuclear uses, then ships them to Iran, the firm’s head says. Such transactions violate UN sanctions imposed on the Middle Eastern nation. Steven Lin of Heli-Ocean Technology Co says he did not know whether the parts were used by Iran militarily, but acknowledged they have nuclear applications.
South China Morning Post | 2010-01-09 | China | Page: 1

‘‘Manit won’t quit’’ was more than just a poem. It was a grim reality for Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. Forced to shuffle his cabinet because of the resignation of Public Health Minister Witthaya Kaewparadai, he was checkmated by his Bhumjaithai ‘‘allies’’. They backed up deputy minister Manit Nopamornbodee, named in a corruption scandal but insistent on staying in the cabinet.
Bangkok Post | 2010-01-10 | Thailand | Page: 2

Black swans abound as Year of Tiger shows teeth
If many of us could have turned around the moment we entered 2010 and made obscene gestures at 2009, we would have. After the wreckage of the past 12 months, 2010 has to be a good year, right? Good for governments staving off financial chaos, good for households struggling to stay afloat, good for investors wondering which rules of economics and markets still apply.
The China Post | 2010-01-09 | Taiwan | Page: 4

Shots fired at Iran opposition leader Mehdi Karoubi: Web site
Unidentified men opened fire this week on leading Iranian opposition figure Mehdi Karoubi, an opposition Web site reported on Friday. Karoubi, a defeated candidate in presidential elections last June, was attacked in the city of Ghazvin, 124 km (70 miles) west of Tehran, on Thursday after visiting a cleric, Nasir Ghavami, the website Kaleme said.
The China Post | 2010-01-09 | Taiwan | Page: 2

Intelligence is key to security
I t is the duty of all public officials to do something whenever a new threat appears, even if there is nothing sensible to be done. If they don’t make a show of solving the problem, the media will punish them severely. So we have had a vigorous US Government response to the recent apprehension of the ‘‘Underpants Bomber’’. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was from Nigeria, and he was Muslim.
Waikato Times | 2010-01-09 | New Zealand | Page: 20

Bullets scar famous grave
TEHRAN – Supporters of the Iranian Government have for a second time desecrated the grave of Neda Soltan, the student whose shooting during a street demonstration last June made her a symbol of the opposition. Photographs obtained by The Times show the black marble slab on which her face is engraved has been pockmarked by bullets even though security agents guard the grave around the clock to prevent it from becoming a martyr’s shrine.
Waikato Times | 2010-01-09 | New Zealand | Page: 19

Air travel rules ease for Kiwis
The head of New Zealand’s aviation security has described tight security measures since the failed Boxing Day bombing plot on a US airliner as ‘‘knee-jerk’’, and says they will be eased here. Restrictions introduced at Auckland International Airport will be loosened after a directive from the US Transportation Administration that security officials here can now use ‘‘discretion’’ when screening USbound passengers.
Waikato Times | 2010-01-09 | New Zealand | Page: 8

Mühlhausen lädt zu Neujahrsempfang
MÜHLHAUSEN (ka) — Am Sonntag, 10. Januar, lädt die Gemeinde Mühlhausen ab 15 Uhr in den Lehrsaal des Feuerwehrhauses an der Bahnhofstraße zum Neujahrsempfang ein. Gäste sind zahlreiche Vertreter der Politik, der Ämter und Behörden, der Kirchen, der Wirtschaft. Geladen sind auch Vereine und Verbände aus der Großgemeinde Mühlhausen.
Neumarkter Nachrichten | 2010-01-08 | Germany | Page: 32

Adiós al Libro de Familia y a las visitas personales al Registro Civil
Adiós al histórico Libro de Familia y a tener que acudir en persona al Registro Civil, para inscribir al hijo recién nacido o para solicitar un certificado de nacimiento, de matrimonio o de fallecimiento. Éstos y otros trámites podrán realizarse por internet cuando entre en vigor la nueva Ley del Registro Civil, a cuyo anteproyecto dio ayer luz verde el Consejo de Ministros para que sea tramitado.
El Mundo Madrid Edition | 2010-01-09 | Spain | Page: 14

Hisham: We won’t compromise on security
KUALA LUMPUR: The Government would use all means necessary including invoking the Internal Security Act to ensure the security of the country and the safety of its people. Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the Government viewed the arson attacks on churches seriously and would not compromise with any group out to create unrest in the country. “Safety is our core responsibility,” he said in a press conference at Bukit Aman yesterday. 
Star (Malaysia) | 2010-01-09 | Malaysia | Page: 3

Businessmen upset over new petrol subsidy scheme
JOHOR BARU: Local businesses are upset over the recently announced petrol subsidy scheme, which would require those with bigger engine capacities to pay a higher price for petrol. Johor Baru Chinese Chamber of Commerce president Loh Liam Hiang said the ruling was unfair as people with bigger vehicles were already paying higher road tax. “Those who drive 2.8 litre cars pay more than RM4,000 yearly in road tax,” he said yesterday.
Star (Malaysia) | 2010-01-09 | Malaysia | Page: 22

NKorea threatens South’s ships in Yellow Sea
SEOUL – North Korea warned South Korean ships to avoid the disputed Yellow Sea border area where a clash broke out last month, saying its coastal artillery would target the area in firing exercises. The communist state’s naval command, in a statement on official media, said Monday that the move came in response to “reckless military provocations” from the South.
The Phnom Penh Post | 2009-12-22 | Cambodia | Page: 11

North Korean weapons meant for Iran: report
SEOUL – A planeload of weapons from North Korea seized in Bangkok this month was bound for Iran, a newspaper report said Monday, citing documents obtained by arms trafficking experts. US Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair had said last week that the 35-tonne cargo, shipped in defiance of UN sanctions on Pyongyang, was bound for an unspecified Middle East destination.
The Phnom Penh Post | 2009-12-22 | Cambodia | Page: 12

Newspaper banned
TEHRAN – Iran has banned a reformist paper and warned ILNA news agency against reporting on the “Green Movement” as pro-opposition media face mounting pressure by the government, reports said Monday. AndishehNo ( New Thought) newspaper run by Hojatollah Hajebi was banned today by the press watchdog board,” Fars news agency reported Monday, referring to the paper’s managing director. The ISNA news agency reported that the closure was due to “numerous violations” and came after “several notices by the press watchdog.”
The Phnom Penh Post | 2009-12-22 | Cambodia | Page: 11

Iran police reportedly clash with protesters at funeral
IRANIAN police clashed with stone-throwing protesters Monday after the funeral of dissident cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, an event attended by vast crowds of mourners in Qom, Web sites said. Montazeri, an inspiration to Iranian reformists and human rights activists and a fierce critic of the regime he helped create, died Saturday at age 87. 
The Phnom Penh Post | 2009-12-22 | Cambodia | Page: 12

Prisoner swap refused
PARIS – France has refused to exchange a French academic charged in Tehran with taking part in anti-regime protests for a Iranian jailed in France for murder, Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Monday. Kouchner told reporters that Iran was seeking the release of Ali Vakili Rad, who was found guilty in 1994 of the 1991 killing in France of Shapour Bakhtiar, an Iranian exile who had been prime minister under the former Shah of Iran.
The Phnom Penh Post | 2009-12-22 | Cambodia | Page: 11

US to indict NZ firm over arms
United States authorities plan to indict a New Zealand company involved in selling North Korean arms to Iran, sources linked to the investigation say. They are trying to track down shadowy figures using a labyrinth of thousands of Auckland shelf companies registered to an office at 369 Queen St. International watchdogs fear New Zealand’s casual company registration system makes it easy for money laundering and terrorist financing operations.
Waikato Times | 2010-01-08 | New Zealand | Page: 11

Opposition leader escapes car attack
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Progovernment demonstrators fired on the car of an Iranian opposition leader and shattered his windows, but he escaped unharmed from the rare armed attack on a top reformist, his Web site reported Friday. Hard-liners called last week for executing opposition leaders. Mahdi Karroubi blamed authorities after shots were fired at his car late Thursday from a crowd of about 500 government supporters surrounded by police in the town of Qazvin, 90 miles west of Tehran. 
The Buffalo News | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 3

China surpasses the U.S. in 2009 auto sales: report
China overtook the United States as the biggest auto market in 2009 and automakers should see more strong growth this year, an industry group reported Friday. Boosted by Beijing’s stimulus, 2009 passenger car sales soared to 10.3 million and total vehicle sales are estimated at 13.6 million, the China Passenger Car Association said. That represents growth of about 45 percent from 2008. 
The China Post | 2010-01-10 | Taiwan | Page: 5

China is said to have gotten firm to sell nuke parts to Iran
A Taiwanese firm al l egedly sold equipment that can be used to make nuclear weapons to Iran under a request from China, a Taipei-based magazine said. The firm received an online order from China last year to buy pressure transducers on behalf of an Iranian oil company for pipeline construction, Next Magazine reported this week. 
The China Post | 2010-01-10 | Taiwan | Page: 11

Will failed terror attack be Obama’s 9/11 moment?
Voices stilled WASHINGTON — Was Christmas Day 2009 the same kind of wake-up call for Barack Obama that Sept. 11, 2001, had been for George W. Bush? The near-miss by a passenger flying into Detroit plotting to blow up an American airliner seems to have shocked this president as much as the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon did the last. Both presidents had had plenty of warnings in the form of prior threats and even incidents. 
Houston Chronicle | 2010-01-08 | USA | Page: 23

face death penalty
Iran said it will prosecute five people on charges that may carry the death penalty, accusing them of “rioting” during clashes on Dec. 27, 2009, between opposition protesters and police that left at least eight people dead. The prosecutor’s office indicted the five as “moharebs,” an Islamic term that means enemies of God and society, and sent their cases to the Revolutionary Court, state television said on its website today
Miami Herald | 2010-01-08 | USA | Page: 6

Bin Laden’s son sheds light on 9/11 mastermind
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — With a book written by one of Osama bin Laden’s sons, and with news of a daughter sheltering in the Saudi Embassy in Iran, some of the blanks are being filled in on the life of the Sept. 11, 2001 mastermind’s large family, including lurid details of his parenting style.
Miami Herald | 2010-01-08 | USA | Page: 3

Iran’s opposition manifesto
Iran’s so-called green movement is not yet a counterrevolution, but recent developments make clear it is heading in that direction. Seven months after the uprising began, an opposition manifesto is finally taking shape, and its sweeping demands would change the face of Iran. Three bold statements calling for reform have been issued since Friday, one by opposition presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi, one by a group of exiled religious intellectuals and the third by university professors. 
Miami Herald | 2010-01-08 | USA | Page: 7

Iranian protests eclipse plight of detained hikers
LOS ANGELES — With street protests raging in Iran, political activism is on the rise among Los Angeles’ already vocal Iranian-American community. Flag-waving demonstrators clad in the opposition movement’s signature green have been a common sight outside the Federal Building in Westwood, and Iranian-language media is abuzz with debate.
Miami Herald | 2010-01-08 | USA | Page: 5

WASHINGTON, D. C.: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday urged Palestinians and Israelis to resume peace talks “ without preconditions,” backing Palestinian aims for a state along the 1967 boundaries. However, trying to revive Obama administration diplomacy that fell flat last year, Clinton said the lines would be modified through mutually agreed land swaps, presumably to account for some Israeli settlements that would remain. 
Manila Times | 2010-01-10 | Philippines | Page: 6

Schofield soldier charged in robbery
A 22-year-old Schofield Barracks soldier has been charged with robbing a gas station in Kahala early Wednesday morning. Michael J. Bergeron remained in custody yesterday, unable to post $30,000 bail for a first-degree robbery charge. Police said Bergeron robbed the minimart at 12:43 a.m. with a tire iron. He fled, but patrol units saw him in the area later that morning, recognizing him by a description the victim gave to officers. Bergeron was arrested at 4211 Waialae Ave. 
Honolulu Star-Bulletin | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 6

Leno, NBC in talk show musical chairs
LOS ANGELES >> Faced with poor ratings for both “The Jay Leno Show” and Conan O’Brien’s “Tonight Show,” NBC is said to be considering returning Leno to his 11:35 p.m. EST slot and moving “Tonight” to midnight — a change that the network’s hardhit affiliate stations would eagerly welcome. 
Honolulu Star-Bulletin | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 3

Newspaper Page
workers, anyone between 25 to 64 with underlying health conditions, and caregivers for infants under 6 months old. A total of 48,304 students were vaccinated at school clinics. Of the 11 who have died from the virus in Hawaii, one was a child under 5 years old with no underlying health conditions and some were in their 20s and 30s, state health spokeswoman Janice Okubo said. 
Honolulu Star-Bulletin | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 7

La actriz podría unirse al elenco del filme ‘ Ghost in The Ring’, que abordará la vida del boxeador mexicano Gabriel Ruelas, junto a Irán Castillo y Jesús Ochoa. La noticia se filtró en un comunicado, pero Barraza subrayó que no ha confirmado su participación.
Record | 2010-01-09 | Mexico | Page: 42

‘Zonder vrouwen geen vrede’
De kracht van Afghanistan, daar hoor je maar zelden over. Want Afghanistan, dat is oorlog, corruptie, drugshandel en een hele zwakke staat. En ook nog altijd terrorisme, bittere armoe en onderdrukking van vrouwen. Bij al die ellende zie je de veerkracht van de bevolking makkelijk over het hoofd. Tot je een Afghaan tegenkomt als Sima Samar. De dertig jaar oorlog zie je niet af aan de elegante vrouw die op een druilerige winterochtend aankomt bij het Vredespaleis in Den Haag.
NRC Handelsblad | 2010-01-09 | Netherlands | Page: 62

Newspaper Page
Wat voor arts wilde u worden? „Ik wilde me specialiseren als gynaecoloog. Maar daar is het nooit van gekomen. „We hadden gelukkige jaren in Kabul. En we kregen een kind. Als Hazara’s hoorden we tot de meest gediscrimineerde en vervolgde minderheid van het land. Maar de discriminatie was niet zo erg als in de jaren 90 of nu. En omdat ik uit Helmand kwam, dachten de meeste mensen dat ik een Pashtun was. „Het was ook een heel spannende tijd. 
NRC Handelsblad | 2010-01-09 | Netherlands | Page: 65

Alleen het inperken van terreur is haalbaar, daar moeten we aan wennen
van Al-Qaeda en hun gastheren van de Talibaan fysiek uit Afghanistan verdreven. Maar meteen nadat BBC-reporter John Simpson, tot in Kabul opgerukt met een konvooi van de Noordelijke Alliantie, live triomfantelijk had geroepen dat het „een opbeurend gevoel is om een stad te bevrijden”, begon de brede westerse coalitie met haar vervolgstap: geestelijke bevrijding van het Centraal-Aziatische land.
NRC Handelsblad | 2010-01-09 | Netherlands | Page: 15

Geheime diensten van VS verzuipen in de data
Washington, 9 jan. Op de werkvloer van de NSA, Amerika’s grootste geheime dienst, noemen ze het de gold-to-garbage ratio: het percentage van alle binnenkomende data dat de dienst kan verwerken. Het staat tegenwoordig op een. Eén procent van alle telefoontjes en e-mails die de NSA onderschept (haar specialisme) wordt nog geanalyseerd voor opsporingsdiensten en politici.
NRC Handelsblad | 2010-01-09 | Netherlands | Page: 5

It’s not easy when dad’s called Osama
ITH a book written by one of Osama bin Laden’s sons, and news of a daughter sheltering in the Saudi Embassy in Iran, some of the blanks are being filled in on the life of the September 11, 2001 mastermind’s large family, including details of his harsh parenting style. Recently, the son, Omar bin Laden, revealed that many of the children who had been with their father in Afghanistan escaped to Iran following the 2001 US-led invasion, and were still together in a walled compound under Iranian guard.
Sunday Territorian | 2010-01-10 | Australia | Page: 13

Newspaper Page
FREED: “Iran’s Pavarotti,” Shahram Nazeri, was held for questioning in Tehran.
Houston Chronicle | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 19

No one hurt in pro-government demonstration
TEHRAN, IRAN — Progovernment demonstrators opened fire on the car of one of Iran’s opposition leaders and shattered his windows, but he escaped unharmed, his Web site reported Friday. Hard-liners called last week for the execution of opposition leaders, raising tensions that could spark a cycle of political violence. 
Houston Chronicle | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 19

Today is Saturday, January 9, the 9th day of 2010. There are 356 days left in the year. Highlights: 1324 - Death of Italian explorer Marco Polo. 1793 - French aeronaut Jean-Pierre Blanchard makes the first balloon flight over the North American continent. 1799 - British Prime Minister William Pitt (the Younger) introduces income tax at two shillings in the pound to raise funds for the Napoleonic Wars.
Manawatu Standard | 2010-01-09 | New Zealand | Page: 7

Strese giren idmana gitti Aydınoğlu ‘spor oteli’ oldu
Aydınoğlu İnşaat, İstanbul İdealtepe’de 4 yıl önce şitness center olarak açtığı yatırımı Türkiye’nin ilk spor oteline dönüştürdü. İnşaat sektöründe şaaliyetleri bulunan şirket elindeki araziyi değerlendirmek için yaptığı şitness center’a voleybol, basketbol sahaları, açık-kapalı yüzme havuzları ekleyerek spor merkezini 22 dönüm arazi üzerine geliştirdi ,sonra ise 28 odalı butik oteli de ekleyerek Aydınoğlu Otel ve Spor Merkezi adıyla Türkiye’nin ilk spor oteli konspetini geliştirdi.
Sabah | 2010-01-09 | Turkey | Page: 11

Kerrubi’nin otomobili kurşunlandı
İRAN’DA, muhaleşet lideri Mehdi Kerrubi’nin aracına ateş edildiği öne sürüldü. Muhaleşete ait internet sitesi Sahamnews, hükümet yanlısı gösteriler sırasında Kerrubi’nin aracına ateş açıldığını ve aracın camlarının kırıldığını duyurdu. 
Sabah | 2010-01-09 | Turkey | Page: 16

Key Sunni is kept off Iraq ballot
BAGHDAD — Hopes of persuading Iraq’s minority Sunnis to take part in the March 7 election were dealt a blow yesterday after a prominent Sunni politician said he had been barred from the polls because of alleged ties to Saddam Hussein’s regime. 
The Philadelphia Inquirer | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 2

Iran opposition leader is fired on
TEHRAN, Iran — Pro-government demonstrators opened fire on the car of one of Iran’s opposition leaders and shattered his windows, but he escaped unharmed from the rare armed attack on a top reformist, his Web site reported yesterday.
The Philadelphia Inquirer | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 5

Power must be put back in MPs’ hands
Harper’s dark democracy creates dangerous legacy, Jan. 2 Jim Travers has written several outstanding articles on the control the PMO exerts on Parliament and the MPs serving us. I was involved with the Liberal Party under Lester B. Pearson, working in many capacities including helping democratize the party with open conventions to select delegates and leaders and set policy.
Toronto Star | 2010-01-07 | Canada | Page: 20

Some nations treated ‘differently’
OTTAWA— Transport Minister John Baird says while Canada has taken a dim view of racial profiling, it already treats certain countries differently when their citizens travel to Canada. Baird was asked Wednesday whether Canada is going to fall in line with the U.S. in targeting travellers from 14 mostly Muslim countries as part of heightened airport security in the wake of a Dec. 25 foiled bombing of a Detroit-bound Northwest Airline flight. 
Toronto Star | 2010-01-07 | Canada | Page: 6

Iran prosecutor tied to jail deaths
TEHRAN— A parliamentary probe has found a former Tehran prosecutor responsible for the death by torture of at least three anti-government protesters detained in the turmoil following the disputed June elections, a conservative Iranian website reported Wednesday. Saeed Mortazavi was the Tehran prosecutor who was responsible for monitoring Kahrizak prison, where much of the abuse took place. 
Toronto Star | 2010-01-07 | Canada | Page: 17

A half dozen optimisms for this year
It is said that the optimist peers at the glass and assesses it as half full, the pessimist gauges it half empty. But the cynic asks: Where’s the leak? This past year was so bad, it was almost impossible to describe. New words were needed. For example, consider the ruckus of the recent UN Climate Change Conference in Denmark, headed by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
The Jakarta Post | 2010-01-09 | Indonesia | Page: 7

Transform U.S.-China relationship
he Year of the Tiger,” with its connotation of fierce tempestuousness, is just the right metaphor for the coming year in U.S.-China relations. Mistrust is the most basic problem. It runs deeper than many observers realize. In his major “strategic reassurance” speech in September, Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg suggested that the sources of mistrust in U.S.China relations are “political, military (and) economic.”
Austin American-Statesman | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 13

Demonstrators shoot at top Iran reformer
TEHRAN, Iran — Progovernment demonstrators opened fire on the car of one of Iran’s opposition leaders and shattered his windows, but he escaped unharmed from the rare armed attack on a top reformist, his Web site reported Friday.
Austin American-Statesman | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 4

Yeni av sahası: Yemen
Daha başkan seçilmeden önce Barack Hüseyin Obama, Amerika’nın Irak’tan askerlerini çekip ağırlığı Afganistan-Pakistan hattına kaydıracağı sinyallerini veriyordu. Bu yüzden bazı gözlemcilere göre, Obama’nın seçildikten sonra Amerika’nın dış politikasında, özellikle İslam dünyasıyla ilgili tutumlarında temel bir değişikliğe gideceği zayıf bir ihtimaldi.
Zaman | 2010-01-09 | Turkey | Page: 20

İran’da muhalif lider Kerrubi’ye saldırı iddiası
- İran’daki muhalif liderlerden Mehdi Kerrubi’nin aracına ateş açıldığı bildirildi. Kerrubi, olaydan yara almadan kurtuldu. Kerrubi’ye ait sitedeki habere göre, dini lider, iktidar karşıtı gösterilerde öldürülen muhaliflerin yas törenine katılmak için Tahran’ın 140 km batısındaki Kazvin’e gitti. Sitede, “500 kadar Besic milisinin ve çevre köylerden gelen kalabalık bir topluluğun Kerrubi’nin bulunduğu yeri kuşattığı ve binaya taşlarla saldırdığı” ifade edildi.
Zaman | 2010-01-09 | Turkey | Page: 15

Gübre fabrikaları zarar yazacak
Gübre Fabrikaları Türk Anonim Şirketi (Gübretaş), geçen yıl satış rekoru kırmasına rağmen yıl sonunu zararla kapatacak. Şirketin Genel Müdürü Mehmet Koca, geçen yıl 1 milyon 395 bin ton ile satış rekoru kırdıklarını belirterek, ancak gübre fiyatlarındaki düşüş ve özellikle İran’daki yatırımın finansmanı sebebiyle yıl sonu bilançolarda zarar görüneceğini açıkladı.
Zaman | 2010-01-09 | Turkey | Page: 11

Crowd fires on Iran opposition leader
Pro-government demonstrators fired on the car of one of Iran’s opposition leaders and shattered his windows, but he escaped unharmed, his website reported on Friday. Mahdi Karroubi blamed authorities after shots were fired at his car late Thursday from a crowd of about 500 government supporters in Qazvin, 90 miles west of Tehran.
Star Tribune | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 6

Newspaper Page
Mahdi Karroubi en una rueda de Prensa en Tehrán, Irán. El Sitio Web de Karroubyi informa que su auto fue blanco de disparos por parte de simpatizantes del gobierno.
El Diario | 2010-01-09 | USA | Page: 13

Licenziata e reintegrata. In India
MILANO— Un anno in India. E’ così che un’azienda di frigoriferi industriali, la Desmon di Nusco (Avellino), ha risposto alla decisione del giudice del lavoro che aveva reintegrato nel suo posto un’operaia licenziata, Gaetanina Di Paolo, 49 anni, madre di tre figli. «Per le mansioni di assemblaggio frigoriferi che svolgeva all’epoca del licenziamento — ha scritto l’azienda— dal prossimo 1˚ febbraio dovrà trasferirsi a New Delhi», dove l’azienda ha una sede. Per il sindacato si tratta di «motivazioni pretestuose».
Corriere della Sera | 2010-01-09 | Italy | Page: 8

Penati: una misura blanda Troppo permettere che 1 su 3 non parli italiano
«Qui stiamo parlando di un problema reale, e delicatissimo. È il tema del diritto all'istruzione, e riguarda tutti, italiani come stranieri. Nelle periferie urbane, in certi piccoli centri in cui le aziende utilizzano molta manodopera non italiana, ci sono percentuali di accoglienza nelle classi che non consentono un insegnamento adeguato. 
Corriere della Sera | 2010-01-09 | Italy | Page: 7

Spari contro l’auto di Karroubi: illeso Nuovamente profanata la tomba di Neda, la studentessa uccisa il 20 giugno
TEHERAN - Assalto e colpi di arma da fuoco, l’altra notte, contro la vettura su cui viaggiava uno dei leader dell’opposizione iraniana, Mehdi Karroubi, rimasto illeso. 
Il Messaggero | 2010-01-09 | Italy | Page: 12

Iran opposition leader escapes unhurt after car is hit by gunfire
TEHRAN // The armoured car of one of Iran s opposition leaders, Mehdi Karroubi, was hit by gunfire in the northern town of Qazvin, his website reported yesterday, but only the windows were damaged. Mr Karroubi was in town to attend a mourning ceremony for slain opposition protesters, said. 
The National - News | 2010-01-09 | UAE | Page: 17

3 questions à... Jean-Marc Albert
Pourquoi les traités politiques se signent-ils la plupart du temps à table ? Parce que la table a un caractère festif. Elle suppose la convivialité et permet de pacifier les relations, de mettre la guerre et la violence entre parenthèses. La table de pouvoir est d’ailleurs un substitut à la chasse, elle-même substitut de la guerre. 
Le Figaro | 2010-01-09 | France | Page: 37

Proche-Orient : Washington prépare un plan de paix en deux ans
Les États-Unis envisagent un calendrier de négociations entre Israël et les Palestiniens visant à conclure une paix en deux ans, a confié un haut responsable américain, alors que Washington tente de reprendre l’initiative pour relancer un dialogue enlisé. 
Le Figaro | 2010-01-09 | France | Page: 6

L’islamodierno non si capisce guardando il vecchio epicentro mediorientale bensì i margini
La mezzaluna islamica ha affilato le estremità. Mentre il conflitto israelopalestinese, classico cavallo di battaglia della jihad post moderna, scompare dalle copertine delle riviste di geopolitica interessate al massimo al potenziale economico dell'emergente e non ideologizzata borghesia araba, l'ultima sfida all'occidente arriva dalla periferia della galassia musulmana.

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