Friday, 15 January 2010

Foreign Cash Deposits for Senior IRI




    A brief report on Bank accounts (only cash) of the heads of the Islamic republic of Iran in foreign countries:



    (With special thanks to Green supporter working in an Asian Bank)




    1- Gholam  Hossein Elham: 25 M USD at Dubai13 M USD at Turkey17 M USD at Swiss, 0.7 M  USD at Beirut

    2- S.H. Panahian: 11 M USD at Islamic Bank of Sharjeh, 4 M EU  at Malaysia,

    3- Masoud Kazemi: 45 M EU Germany4.2 M USD at Dubai

    4- Ali  Hashemi Bahramani: 5.2 M USD at Kuwait11 M EU at Belgium23 M USD at Dubai,  an Unknown account in Swiss

    5- Mohamad Mohamadi: 12 M USD at Dubai17 M USD  at Kuwait8 M EU at Turkey

    6- Mehdi Ahmadi Nejad: 18 M EU at Belgium45 M  EU at Swiss, 44 M USD at Islamic bank at Sharjeh

    7- Naziyeh Khamenehiee : 7 M  USD at Turkey65 M EU at Germany122 Pound M at Great Britain

    8- Sadegh  Mahsouli: 14 M EU at United Arab Emirates24 M USD at Turkey3 M EU at  Malaysia

    9- Mojtaba Khameneiee: 1 B Pound Great Britain (has been blocked),  2.2 B EU at Germany766 M USD at Qatar, an unknown account at Swiss

    10-  Hossein Ma`adi khah: 15 M USD at Kuwait45 M EU at Austria7 M USD at United  Arab Emirates

    11- Isa KAlantari: 3.2 M EU at Belgium1.2 M USD at  Italy

    12- Hossein Taeb: 122 M USD United Arab Emirates42 M EU Italy

    13-  Masoud Hajarian Kashani: 92 M USD at Austria13.7 M USD Qatar

    14- Sardar  Ahmad Vahidi: 32 M USD United Arab Emirates65 M USD at Turkey122 M USD at  Germany (has been blocked)

    15- Abas Kadkhodaiee: 2.5 M EU Itay, 7.1 M USD  Kuwait, 32 M USD Dubai

    16- Mojtaba Mesbaah Yazdi: 184 M USD Dubai221 M USD  at Alnakhl Corporation, 55 M EU at Spain

    17- Ali Mesbaah Yazdi, 45 M USD  United Arab Emirates, 17 M USD Turkey, 65 M Pound at Barkley Bank at Britain, 75  M USD at South Africa, 110 M EU at Germany

    18- Hessin Firouz Abadi: 320 M USD  at Malaysia, 65 MUSD United Arab Emirates, 103 M USD Kuwait, 17 M USD at Turkey,  Unknown bank account at Swiss

    19- Parviz Fatah: 16 M USD Turkey5.2 M EU at  Turkey, 22 USD Swiss

    20- Hassan Shajooni: 66.5 M USD Dubai, 39 m USD Kuwait,  11.2 M USD Beirout, 8 M USD Malaysia

    21- H Asgar Oladi: 172 M USD Belgium,  120 M EU Germany, 420 MUSD Alnakhl Company, 42 MUSD turkey, 219 MUSD Malaysia,  Unknown bank account at Swiss

    22- Hossein Jannati: 288 MUSD dubai, an Unknown  amount at a bank in Turkey which has been guaranteed for 200 M USD, 150 M USD at  Japan, 32 MUSD at Malaysia

    23- Sakineh Khamenehie: 25 M USD at Malaysia14 M  USD Qatar112 M USD at Dubai

    24- Esfandyar Rahim Mashaiee: 5.2 M EU Germany,  32 M EU Italy41 M USD Dubai

    25- H Mohamadi Araghi: 48.4 M USD Dubai2.4 M  USD Beirut56 M EU Spain

    26- Ali Akbar Velayati: 244 M EU germany6 M EU  Austria, 56 MUSD Malaysia

    27- Mohamad Mohamadi Reyshahri : 241 M USD Alnakhl  Company, 121 M USD Dubai, 48 M USD germany, 43 M EU Italy

    28- Mohsen Hashemi  bahramani: 35 MUSD United Arab Emirates, 65 M EU Belgium

    29- Masoomeh Hashemi  Samareh: 11 MUSD Qatar5.9 M USD Malaysia

    30- Ali Larijani: 185 M EU  Austria16 M USD United Arab Emirates112 M EU Malaysia

    31- Abas Akhondi: 9  M USD United Arab Emirates5.2 M USD Beirout Bank

    32- Mohsen Rafighdoust:  129 M USD Belgium44 M USD Kuwait92 M USD Malaysia

    33- Hamid Hosseini: 30  M USD Malaysia82 M EU spain,

    34- Mohamad Hosseini: 14 M USD United Arab  Emirates7 M USD Kuwait3 M USD Turkey11 M Pound Britain

    35- Mahmoud  Hosseini: 3.2 M USD turkey, 11.4 M USD Kuwait

    36- Mojtaba Hashemi samareh: 28  M EU Spain76 M USD United Arab Emirates, 124 M USD Malaysia

    37- Kamran  Daneshjou: 76 M EU Austria7.2 M USD Malaysia

    38- Ahmad reza Radan : 98 M  USD United Arab Emirates, 65 USD Kuwait121 M USD South Africa

    39- Yadollah  Javani: 22 M USD United Arab Emirates, 5 M USD India23 M EU Portugal

    40- Gholam Reza Fayaz: 65 M USD Malaysia40.9 M USD Kuwait

    41- AliReza Fayaz: 23  M USD United Arab Emirates, 17 M EU Turkey7 M EU Italy

    42- Ali Mobasheri,  12elgium, 19 M USD Malaysia42 M USD Kuwait

    43- Mohamad Naghdi: 142 M EU  United Arab Emirates24 M USD United Arab Emirates66 M USD Malaysia

    44-  Farhad Daneshjou: 2.3 M USD United Arab Emirates5.6 M USD Turkey

    45- Khosro  Daneshjou: 11 MUSD Turkey7 M USD Zcheck Republic

    46- Hamid Hosseini: 4.2 M  USD Malaysia28 M USD United Arab Emirates

    47- Mohamad Bagher Kharazi: 120 M  USD Lebanon, 86 M USD United Arab Emirates, 42 M USD at Barkley Bank South  Africa Branch

    48- Mehdi Hashemi Samareh: 5.7 M USD Turkey44 M USD  Kuwait

    49- Hamid Rasay:62 MUSD Hungry, 32 M EU Germany18 M Pound Britain,  14 M USD United Arab Emirates

    50- Hossein mousavi Ardebili: 21 MUSD Kuwait,  110 M USD United Arab Emirates, 32 M USD Malaysia

    51- Ali Mobasheri: 7 M Eu  Austria, 22.4M USD United Arab Emirates

    52- Hossein Shariat Madari: 225 M USD  United Arab Emirates, 54 M USD Alnakhl Company, 65 M EU HSBS Bank Britain, 156 M  USD Malaysia, 600 M USD St. Peterzburg Bank, Russia,

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