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Twitter Summary 15 Jan

Twitter Summary 15 Jan


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the files for 7 prisoners have been sent to revolutionary court: Isa Saharkhiz, Mohammad Reza Rajabi - Davoud Soleimani, Azar Mansouri, Mehdi Mahmoudian, Hadi Arab-Ghobadi & Amir-Ali Aghayari

FREE Omid Montazeri

Was Born in 3th of Bahman (Same Month As Me), We Are Going to Celebrate it:

Mousavi's Sr. advisor Dr. Hassan Jafari-Abedi arrested after Ashura has been released

Court of Appeals overturned sentence of 7yrs&73 lashings of Soheil Navidi-Yekta & exonerated him of all charges


Persian Visions: Contemporary #Photography from #Iran


More than 9000 F grades were given to Amir Kabir UNI students,not by profs but by the Ministry


Court of Appeals reduced the sentence of Akbar Ajdadi by 4 months giving him 2 yrs & 4 months sentence - Akbar Ajdadi arrested at work on 7/27, spent 45 dys in Sepah 2-A in Evin(the worst) than moved to ward 240 - 20 year old Akbar Ajdadi was the sole income earner 4 his family. His family now is in terrible financial shape

Iran in the World Press 14 Jan 2010

Lawyer 4 high profile reformists said his clients were arrested w a generic warrant dated 4 dys before election


Zoya Hassani member of Participation Front campaign 88 youth group arrested after Ashura has been released


video message : A message to armed forces of Iran


Khatami & Rafsanjani condemned a bomb attack that killed a physics Prof who had backed Mousavi - Khatami: "The dirty hand who did this murder (Prof) with no doubt was the enemy of Iran," - Rafsanjani called the bombing "cowardly terrorism" and a sign of "a new era of intrigue" in Iran

Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence arrested Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Khalaji, father of Washington Institute Iran scholar

Reports: Police and Bassij Blocked All Ways to Alimohamadi's House, Many Ppl couldnt Pass and Join the Funeral


Save Zeinab Jalalian from Execution - Plz sign Petition #127 - Plz RT -


Angry mourners bury slain #Iran scientist - AFP


The presence of outnumbered security forces in the funeral of Prof.

Somayeh Rashidi’s Objection to Her Arrest | Street Journalist

Salman Sima Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

INN Iran News- 14 Jan 2010 Masoud ali mohammadi funeral

Hosseinian (MP) visited Khamenei and returned to his resignation

Last night 100 PPL blindfolded were taken to Karaj Rejai-Shar prison, ward 5 which is under Sepah control

Shahpour Kazemi, brother of Zahra Rahnavard and brother-in-law of Mir Hossein Mousavi, was release from prison. He... - Shapour Kazemi, brother of Zahra Rahnavard who spent the last 2 weeks in Evin prison was released yesterday


LeMonde/Solidarité avec les démocrates iraniens en lutte, par J.P Brard, député de la Seine-Saint-Denis

Ayatollah Sadeqi Tehrani fatwa : Mashaei having any posts (in Gov) is Haraam (against religion)

Statement of Azad (Central Tehran) uni students: We'll boycott exams

Three woman photographer arrested in funeral of Dr Alimohammadi (FA)

Nasrin Sotoudeh, @isasaharkhiz lawyer: we dont have access to his file. (fa)


The Islamic Republic`s Fear of Women Activists

After 40dys poltcl prisoner Mahdiyeh Golro was allowed a visit w her family. Her husband is also in prison - Mahdiyeh Golro told her family, her interrogators told her that her husband will be released if she cooperates - Mahdiyeh Golro's husband Vahid Lalipour is not a political activist & is imprisoned to put pressure on Mahdiyeh -

Mostafa Karim-Baygi killed - ( )

7 year sentence overturned by Tehran Revision court : Mousavi adviser Dr.Jafari wholly acquitted

the Appeals court overturned Hamed Rouunejad's death sentence &changed it to 10 years in prison - Even though it is fabulous that Hamed's death sentence was overturned, he should not be in prison at all - Hamed Rouhinejad was arrested be4 election and had nothing to do with after election protests - Hamed Rouhinejad suffers fr progressive MS, has lost 1 eye sight & is almost paralized on 1 side of his body


chief editor of Aftab-e Yazd resigns to prevent closure of newspaper - EA

100 #Ashura detainees in solitary cells in Gohardasht prison in Karaj - EA

|Mahdieh Golru accused of having ties 2 MKO

Sister of Iran Nobel laureate freed - AlJazeera

Harsh & unprecedented sentences for Elm O Sanaat University students.

An account of the funderal services for Dr. Massoud Ali Mohammadi in Tehran.

Emadeddin Baghi, HumanRights activist, charged with interview w/ Ayat Montazeri

Anzali Azad UNI student Milad Vaysi was arrested in Rasht(N.IR) yesterday. He was a Mousavi campaign activist


Message to Armed Forces and Basij from Green Movement

18 Dezful Azad UNI have been given disciplinary action by the university for participating in protests - Some of the Dezful Azad UNI students were also interrogated by Intel agents

Arrest of 19 Activists from Women's Movement, Women Journalists and Civil Activists

At least 10 ppl arrested @ memorial ceremony held in Sanandaj 4 Ebrahim Lotfolahi,student activist who died 2 years ago under torture


Statement by family of Dr. AliMohammadi regarding the tradegy of his assassination

Arba’een commemorates martrydom 40 days after #Ashura

The Islamic Republic’s fear of women activists – P2E [13 Jan]

Woman political prisoner Shirin Alam-Hoei sentenced to life in prison – P2E [13 Jan]


peykeiran - Suspicious death of a female Yazd University student in her dorm


P2E: "Report on Kurdish Political Prisoners" -

Strike at one of Iran’s biggest projects?


خاکسپاری استاد علی محمدی (Pics) #IranElection Prof Ali Mohammadi funeral pix

16 more cases of political prisoners hv bn sent to court to set trial dates. All 16 PPL are currently in prison - In 15 new cases sent to court charges R anti national security acts & 1 is charged w Moharebeh

Najafabad Azad UNI has issued disciplinary action for 100 students


A friend's report of the funeral: Many people were beaten or arrested. Today was a bad day. I'd never felt so defenseless b4.


January 23rd, celebrate Neda’s 27th birthday with the world

Interview with the former iranian regime consul in Norway

It was like not being allowed to mourn in the burial of your loved one...

Political prisoner Kaveh Kurd-Moghadam in Oromiyeh prison suffering from cancer. Needed med help is denied

video -- Iran Jan 14th 2010 Headary speaks about his resignitaion

Government Agents In Command of Professor Alimohamadi’s Burial

video -- Belgium - Iran match Chants Ya Hossein Mir Hossein

: سهیل نویدی یکتا از کلیه اتهامات تبرئه شد | Soheil Navidi acquitted of all charges

2 Dead, 20+ Injured RT Riots erupt in city of Lordgan

Pic:Security filming demonstrators at Dr. Alimohammadi’s funeral


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Subject: FW: Iran and the West (History after revolution) - BBC report + linkhaayeh digar

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 21:40:14 +0100




            Not sure if you have seen this, but it is very interesting by BBC about Iran. Very informative.





    ظرف چند هفته اخير بي بي سي مستند سه قسمتي كم نظيري به نام ايران و غرب پخش


    به همه دوستاني كه كه به اينترنت با سرعت بالا دسترسي دارند اكيدا توصيه مي كنم

    اين مستند را ببينند. اين مستند هم از جنبه پوشش همه جانبه اي كه به مساله داده

    بي نظيره و هم از نظر افرادي كه باهاشون مصاحبه كرده. به قول روزنامه تلگراف

    رولز رويس سرويس هست. مطمئنم اگر شروع به تماشاش كنيد نمي تونيد ازش بگذريد


قسمت اول


قسمت دوم


قسمت سوم





من این ویدئو را چندی قبل دیده بودم ، ولی بدون نوشته  اشعار که بسیار بر گیرایی ان میافزاید. اگر ان را ندیده اید حیف است.





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