Monday, 16 August 2010

2nd Palestine unavoidable in south Kyrgyzstan

The second Palestine is unavoidable in south Kyrgyzstan – Alexander Knyazev

16/08-2010 14:05 , Bishkek , news agency , by Tolgonai OSMONGAZIEVA

“The second Palestine is unavoidable in south Kyrgyzstan. Today Kyrgyzstan received the second Palestine. But Israeli Jews are more disciplined, organized people than Kyrgyzstanis. It is unclear if it is a state named Kyrgyzstan, or it does not exist,” expert Alexander Knyazev stated Monday at a press conference.

According to him, the reason is the chauvinism policy, which is advocated by both the previous and the current authorities. “I believe in the information that hundreds of young people of Uzbek nationality are going from Kyrgyzstan to Afghan camps on preparation of militants of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, and here there may repeat what is happening in Palestine,” emphasized Alexander Knyazev.

“The most industrious, organized and mobile part of Kyrgyzstan’s population, regardless of ethnic background, has long since gone abroad,” Alexander Knyazev says. The remaining part will also leave, and China will organize here a storage of uranium waste. If in 1991 we refused from building ethnocratic state in favor of technocratic state, starting from the name, without attaching priority to languages, then we would, perhaps, avoid the current problems.”

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