Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Why Can’t Individuals Aid Refugees?

Ever wonder why we, as individual citizens or families, aren't able to invite individual refugees or families to come and live in (relative) safety with us if we wish?

There might be many reasons but here's my list for starters:

1. Population control. Even as statisticians bemoan our plummeting birthrate, governments are geared to prevent any unplanned increase in population. Especially adult population,  because more adults means more demand for public services and jobs.

2. In some regions of the world, refugees are treated like a natural resource which, crammed into filthy, inadequate camps like so much livestock, provide a source of income from NGOs and political prestige for corrupt governments.

3. Refugee camps are frequently cited in articles being used to hide and/or recruit operatives for false flag ops, and as places to store weapons and supplies. Government agents posing as aid workers reportedly use refugee camps as listening posts and meeting points.

These reasons alone are sufficient to prevent an agency such as UNHCR from creating a global matching service to connect those who want to help with those who need it. You might think perhaps Google or Facebook could do it. But I doubt they'd be allowed to.

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