Friday, 27 July 2012

The Latest from Iran (27 July): "No Serious Plans to Combat the Sanctions"

0555 GMT: Journalist Ehsan Mehrabi, based outside Iran after a lengthy stay in prison, posts a report on the economic situation, based on interviews with Iranians inside the country. He portrays the effect of sanctions on the lives of the people and 

[Economic journalist Razieh Sadeghi] believes that the officials do not have any plans for eliminating the effect of sanctions. She adds, “It became apparent this week that they do not have any serious plans to combat the sanctions. The prices are out of the government’s control and it appears that besides promises given behind microphones, they do not have any practical plan.”

[An] anonymous Iranian economist adds, “It is not possible to find the root causes of the current situation. One of the reasons is that myself and many other colleagues of mine believe that the [Ahmadinejad] government during its last years in power has virtually abandoned the country’s economic situation.”

He adds, “Clashes between the government and other institutions, coupled with disputes over the nuclear program, have caused the government not to take any serious attempts to eliminate the effects of sanctions.”

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