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News from Iran – Week 08 – 2013

Prisoners’ News

A- Transfers


  • On death row, political prisoner Saman Nasim was transferred from Mahabad prison to Urmia prison.
  • Human Rights attorney Mohammad Seifzadeh was transferred back to Rejaei Shahr prison after completing treatment at hospital.


B- Arrests/Incarcerations


  • National Religious activist; Roin Atoufat arrested.
  • Civil activist Behboud Gholizadeh was arrested by Intel Ministry’s office in Miandoab.
  • Another journalist, Ehsan Mazandarani, arrested
  • Nava Naeemi, Baha’i from Esfahan arrested.
  • Semnan Baha’i, Akbar Pour-Hosseini, summoned, arrested and taken to start his 18 month prison term.
  • Baha’i Sama Raoufi was arrested by 5 armed Intel agents in Sanandaj.
  • Ali Shariati begins serving his 8 month sentence in Evin.
  • 300 Gonabadi Dervishes arrested in front of Evin, they had gathered to show support for jailed Dervishes lawyers on Thursday; they were released on the same day.




  • Etemad newspaper editor-in-chief Javad Daliri has been released on bail.
  • After 3 years Mohammad Davari granted prison furlough.
  • Fatemeh Sagharchi Jamaran site editor/journalist/media activists detained three weeks ago, has been released on 120 million Tomans bail.
  • Journalist Hossein Yaghchi has been released.


D-Other News


  • Political prisoner Jafar Afshari in Urmia prison launched a hunger strike and sewed his lips.
  • Mohammad Reza Pourshajari suffered heart attack in Rajaei Shahr prison.
  • After 37 days of no news from the Gonabadi Dervishes lawyers imprisoned in solitary, their families were allowed a visit.

News of injustice in Iran

  • Political prisoner Mostafa Farjam who suffers from amnesia due to torture sentenced to 18 years in prison.
  • Mostafa Fegheh has been sentenced to 4 years imprisonment on charges of affiliation with a banned Kurdish group.
  • Student activist Hesam Ghorbani -from Yasouj University- sentenced to flogging (20 lashes) & have to pay a fine.
  • Student activist, Yashar Piri, sentenced to 3 months in prison and 30 lashes by Tabriz court.
  • Mohammad Seifzadeh, Human Rights lawyer, was condemned to 6 years in prison.
  • One man hanged in Sanandaj prison last week.
  • 4 executions in Zahedan prison.
  • 3 executions à la prison d’Arak dimanche.
  • 3 public executions in Shiraz on Sunday.
  • 8 executions in Adeleabd prison in Shiraz on Tuesday.
  • 1 execution on Wednesday.
  • 3 executions in Kermanshah prison on Wednesday.
  • 1 public execution in Arak on Wednesday.
  • 2 executions in Yazd prison on Thursday.

University – Culture

  • Sepideh Vaziri-Pourhaghighi and Samir Golshan have been expelled from the Kharameh campus of Payam-e Nour University because of their Bahai beliefs.
  • Noroozi, Iranian photographer, wins awards at World Photo Press.
  • Jafar Panahi won the Berlin Film Festival prize for the Best Script for “Pardé” (Closed Curtain).

Politics in Iran

  • Supreme Leader criticizes Iran’s president for first time.
  • Iranian president proposes new Minister of Communications and Technology.
  • Maternity leave for Iranian women has risen from 6 to 9 months.
  • Naeemeh Eshraghi, Ayatollah Khomeini’s granddaughter, sharply criticized house arrest of Mousavi, Karroubi and Rahnavard.
  • Keyan Market in Ahwaz, which is an important center of commerce for impoverished Arabs, was burned down by Iranian security forces on February 14.

Iran abroad

  • Intelsat in US and Canada Removes Iranian Channel PressTV.
  • Nigeria says arrests Iran-linked cell targeting U.S., Israel.
  • Vice President for International Affairs arrives in Havana.
  • An Iranian diplomat asks for asylum in Norway.
  • Spain arrests 3 men for allegedly spying for Iran on regime dissidents seeking asylum.


  • Iran confiscates Buddha statues from shops.
  • 30,000 marriages a year of children under the age of 15 take place in Iran.


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