Saturday, 23 February 2013

Iran Live Coverage: Revolutionary Guards Challenge "Narcissist" Ahmadinejad

0630 GMT: We open with a jab by the Revolutionary Guards at President Ahmadinejad.

The political deputy of the Guards, Rasul Sanai Rad has criticised Ahmadinejad's failure to apologise to the Supreme Leader, in his letter earlier this month about his dispute with Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani.

Ahmadinejad exposed his devotion to Ayatollah Khamenei but not express regret for behaviour which the Supreme Leader called "immoral" and "illegal". The letter contrasted with those of Ali Larijani and head of judiciary Sadegh Larijani, as they both quickly apologised for their actions in the political conflict.

In a meeting of Revolutionary Guard commanders in Semnan province, Sanai Rad said someone who claims to have “esteem” for the Supreme Leader,  but is not prepared to apologise in a “narcissistic” atmosphere, cannot account for the inconsistency in his behavior.

Sanai Rad, in another reference to Ahmadinejad and his letter, added that a number of individuals who put forth “the slogan for unfurling the flag of justice and fighting corruption” are “after the preservation of power at any price” and are “involved in manifest deviance".

The commander continued, “In political psychology, an individual who finds himself engrossed in political narcissism and who thinks himself superior to others, is not able to accept criticism, doesn’t accept the word of others and becomes susceptible to delusion.”

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