Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Iran Live Coverage: Manoeuvres Over the Nuclear Talks

Iranian State TV on the rejection of the latest US-Europe proposal over Tehran's nuclear programme

0649 GMT: Political Prisoner Watch. Kurdish detainee Ali Ahmad Soleiman has reportedly been given a one-year sentence for contact with Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations Special Rapporter on Human Rights in Iran.

Tehran has barred entry into the country to Shaheed, forcing him to compile his reports from interviews with Iranians who have left the Islamic Republic.

0633 GMT: Nuclear Watch. As we expected, Tehran has rebuffed the US-Europe offer for a resolution of the nuclear issue, in which Iran would move towards suspension of its 20% uranium enrichment and closure of the Fordoo plant in return for a lifting of US sanctions imposed two weeks ago.

Foreign Ministry Ramin Mehmanparast said Monday, “I hope that in the next meeting [on 26 February in Kazakhstan], the opposite party’s offers would be on equal footing with comprehensive proposals submitted by the representatives of our country."

Mehmanparast added that the talks should move towards full recognition of Iran’s nuclear rights while "dispelling any allegation and allaying possible concerns about the nature of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy programme".

That's not going to happen, as we explain in an analysis in a separate entry, "US-Europe Strategy --- Break Tehran's Economy for 'Real' Nuclear Talks in Autumn".


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