Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Iran Live Coverage: Humiliation of Ahmadinejad Continues --- Advisor Mortazavi Arrested

Saeed Mortazavi with President Ahmadinejad0710 GMT: Last night, less than 36 hours after Mahmoud Ahmadinjead was humiliated in Parliament and his Minister of Labor dismissed by the MPs, Presidential advisor Saeed Mortazavi --- head of Social Security Funds, former Tehran Prosecutor General, "Butcher of the Press" --- was arrested as he was leaving his office.

According to Fars, Mortazavi was immediately taken to Evin Prison.

The advisor was detained over his alleged role, as Prosecutor General, in the abuse and killing of post-election protesters in summer 2009 in the Kahrizak detention centre.

We have a full analysis in a separate entry, "Ahmadinejad's Latest Defeat --- Senior Advisor Mortazavi Arrested".

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