Monday, 25 February 2013

Iran Feature: Top Iran Newspaper Protects the Oscars from Michelle Obama's Shoulders

Fars, the Iranian newspaper linked to the Revolutionary Guards, is not just interested in military matters. It also likes to keep an eye on fashion and the movies. And when the First Lady of the United States has a new dress as she awards Best Picture at the Academy Awards, that is an opportunity not to be missed.

Only one problem: Michelle Obama's shoulders.

Time for the Fars Photoshop Department to spring into action:

So how did this relate to serious politics? Forget any controversy over whether Michelle, shoulders covered, should have given the Best Picture prize to "Argo", the film about the Hollywood-movie ploy to get six US Embassy personnel out of Iran in 1979. There's a more important Fashion Alert looming, as Iran meets the 5+1 Powers in high-level discussions in Kazakhstan tomorrow.

Flashback to a previous set of negotiations in January 2011 and our story, "Protecting the Nuclear Talks from Lady Ashton's Cleavage". Between the photograph of the 5+1's lead negotiator Catherine Ashton (right) and its appearance in Iranian newspapers (left), there was a fashion transformation:

So the critical question as Nuclear Showdown may or may not loom....

What will Lady Ashton wear tomorrow?

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