Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Iran Live Coverage: Supreme Leader Declares Muslim Unity Against "Global Arrogance"

Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani and former President Hsshemi Rafsanjani listen as the Supreme Leader addresses the Conference of Islamic Unity on Tuesday

0600 GMT: Engineering the Elections Watch. The Supreme Leader's senior advisor, Ali Akbar Velayati, offers more detail on the plan to ensure that the right "unity" candidate wins the Presidency in June:

With attention to the sensitivity of this issue, I first discussed it with Mr [Tehran Mayor Mohammad-Baqer] Qhalibaf and then with Mr. [leading MP Gholam Ali] Haddad Adel, and fortunately both of their graces accepted, and based on the principle of this design all three individuals accepted it. The principle of this plan is that it should be the goal of the three of us to not have more than a single candidate between believers in Islam, the system, the Islamic Republic, the Constitution, and velayat-e faghih [guardianship of the Supreme Leader]....Division and animosity amongst candidates will not result in a positive outcome for the election, particularly because we are in a sensitive situation."

0550 GMT: Free Elections Watch. Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, Assembly of Experts member snd head of the Society of Qom Seminary Teachers, explains why talk of "free elections" before June's Presidential ballot is a devious plot: “In the sedition of 2009 they conspired and this took place even before the elections, then they said that there has been cheating.”

0540 GMT: Unity Watch. The Islamic Republic may have some issues with unity at home, but the Supreme Leader's priority on Tuesday was to proclaim Iran's leadership of unity abroad.

Addressing the 26th Conference of Islamic Unity in Tehran, Ayatollah Khamenei declared:

Today the main policy of the Global Arrogance in dealing with the Islamic awakening is to create divisions and have Muslims at each other’s throats in Islamic countries; therefore the duties of religious, political, and academic leaders of the Islamic world is to explain the enemy’s design for the ummah and seriously try to make slogan of Islamic unity a reality.

After decades of pressure and Western dominance of the Islamic world, Muslims are feeling that Islam is the foundation for the realization of their independence, pride, and grandeur and all the wishes of the Islamic ummah can be realized with the grace of Islam.

The Islamic awakening that began 34 years ago in Iran and is currently spreading in the Islamic world is a sign of the realization of divine will and the movement towards victory.

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