Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Latest from Iran (6 December): "We're Still Winning"

0625 GMT: Last week it was the Supreme Leader putting out the "we're winning" message; this week, it is President Ahmadinejad and Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani who are leading the campaign. On Wednesday, Larijani told the Majlis, “In the international arena, the United States has experienced ups and downs so that it took utmost power at the fall of the Soviet Union, but the enlightenment of the Iranian nation faced this arrogant power with defeat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, [and] Palestine and now it is suffering a decline of power."

So who was replacing the US? Larijani held up a "diamond triangle" of Iran, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and the Palestinian resistance, with their "brilliant capabilities" that had defeated Israel in last week's conflict in Gaza.

However, in any propaganda campaign, there are complications. For example, consider Fars' proclamation of success for an Iranian ally, "Syrian Army Seizes Control over Rebels' Bastion City":

The Syrian army could regain control over a major part of the rebels' main bastion, Homs, and establish security in three-fourth of the city after a fierce battle with terrorist groups.

Which sounds fine, until you realise that Fars is effectively saying that President Assad's military had lost Homs to the insurgency a claim that not even the Free Syrian Army makes.

Then there are the omissions. For example, Press TV's "Iran" section --- promoting Larijani's statement and "US Drone Capture Shows Iran's Capability" --- somehow misses the news that an earthquake hit South Khorasan Province in eastern Iran, killing at least five people, injuring at least 20, and displacing many from their homes.

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