Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Latest from Iran (11 December): "We Have Confused the US"

>0915 GMT: Economic Admission Watch. Gholam Reza Asadollahi, a member of the Parliament's Planning and Budget Commission, has said that 40% of the oil revenues projected for this year’s budget have not been recevied.

The Parliamentary report claims that the primary reason for the shortfall are sanctions that have limited Iran's oil exports.

0905 GMT: We begin with the latest tough talk from Tehran, courtesy of the Iranian military and Press TV: 

A senior Iranian commander says the Americans are confused about the Islamic Republic’s defense power following the country’s success in capturing a US spy drone over the Persian Gulf.

“Americans must know that we have necessary capability to take defensive measures and we advise them not to make any trouble for themselves and for others without any reason,” deputy head of Iran's Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri said on Monday.

He added that Iran is able to identify and intercept any aircraft intruding its borders and sometimes warns them to leave its territory in accordance with international regulations.

The commander noted that Iranian scientists are capable of using various technologies in different areas, particularly in defense and military fields, to defend Iran’s territorial integrity.

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