Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Latest from Iran (1 December): Politics, Oil, and Propaganda

0725 GMT: We begin this morning with an analysis, "How to Misread Ahmadinejad's Position", which considers how the Washington Post's correspondent in Tehran has been taken in by the illusion that President Ahmadinejad might hold some influence before his departure from office in June.

The propaganda is not just on the Presidential front this morning, however. Press TV is hoping to put across the story that All Is Well, despite sanctions, with oil exports


Major Asian buyers of Iranian crude oil are looking for ways to continue oil imports from the Islamic Republic without reprisal from US authorities.

Indian and South Korean officials said they are expecting their exemptions from US sanctions on Iran to be extended for another six months, Reuters reported Friday. 

 China - the top importer of the Iranian oil and the Islamic Republic's largest business partner --- is also looking for a further exemption to help its main state-run oil buyers import crude oil from Iran.

Somehow, Press TV forgets to put in a single figure about the state of foreign purchases of Iranian oil --- say, for example, the 40% fall in Chinese imports compared to 2011 or the effective suspension of South Korean purchases this summer --- so let's help them out. Bloomberg reports:

Japan’s crude imports from Iran slumped 63 percent in October to the second-lowest level since the U.S. exempted the Asian nation from sanctions targeting the Middle East country’s nuclear program.

Oil purchases fell to 469,024 kiloliters, or about 95,000 barrels a day, compared with 1.28 million kiloliters in October 2011, according to data today from the Ministry of Finance. Imports fell 48 percent from September. Japan’s total crude purchases shrank 25 percent from a year ago to 12.7 million kiloliters, the finance ministry said Nov. 21.


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