Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Mauritanian Convoy to Gaza

This convoy to Gaza stirred a range of emotions in Mauritania. The most uncomfortable ones concerned the very large sum of donations collected. No one begrudges these donations for a moment, yet this event's success highlights the difficulty of raising funds for the very many needy causes in Mauritania. There are hundreds of families in need of clothes, shoes, blankets and basic medicines who are really suffering this Winter. Then there were the inevitable questions and comparisons about the political aspects of the trip. Some queried the timing, which allowed Sheikh Dedew a photo opp with a Hamas leader. I don't think the leader of the Hatem party followed suit. On the sidelines of social media discussion were a few posts taking pot-shots at Tewassoul, hinting at rifts, reorganisation and even scandal. Much to their credit, the Tewassoul contingent did not take the bait. The most humorous aspect came via comments relating to Sheikh Dedew's baseball cap. One blogger very h elpfully made a wiki-style post explaining the recent history and significance of fashion trends for headgear!

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