Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Latest from Iran (19 June): An Opening at the Nuclear Talks?

0540 GMT: Monday's talks in Moscow between Iran and the 5+1 Powers on Tehran's nuclear programme did not start well, and the signals of an "intense and tough" atmosphere continued throughout the day. Still, there was a glimmer last night of a platform for talks today, as the Russians --- playing the role of broker --- spent Monday night with the Iranian delegation and news of Tehran's five-point proposal emerged.

It is no more than a glimmer, but it appears that Iran --- while clearly rejecting the 5+1's non-starter of an offer --- has put down markers for discussion on the level to which it can enrich uranium, the safeguards of that enrichment, and the easing of US-led sanctions.

Now does the West engage with that five-point proposal or kick it aside, possibly moving towards a breakdown of the talks? 

We have a special audio analysis in a separate entry.

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