Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Latest from Iran (29 May): Putting Parliament in Place

Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani0530 GMT: In the end, the dramatic change never occurred. Ali Larijani, the high-profile Speaker of Parliament, easily turned back the challenge of former Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel. Despite talk of Haddad Adel's connections with the Supreme Leader and of "hard-line" support for his candidacy, he could only muster 100 of the 275 MPs who voted.

Larijani gave a pro forma speech thanking lawmakers, promising progress and co-operation with other branches of Government, and asserting the regime line on the nuclear talks with the 5+1 Powers: "The US and other bullying states should know that the 9th Majlis will struggle to the last breath to safeguard rights of the nation and they should not think that we do not pay heed to such artful deceits....If they seek to negotiate with Iran, they should be honest and avoid wasting time."

Now that the rhetoric is over, we will keep watch for any Parliamentary moves. It is unlikely that the body will have any role, despite Larijani's pronouncement, in the Islamic Republic's nuclear manoeuvres, now overseen by the Supreme Leader's office. Instead, the main arena will be economic, with the Government's budget belatedly passed but limited by the opposition of the Majlis, with the continuing argument over subsidy cuts, and with allegations of mismanagement and corruption always near-by.

And will there be another wave of antagonism towards President Ahmadinejad, with renewed chatter about his impeachment? Or has the Majlis decided that it is now best to leave a "lame duck", due to leave office next year, alone?



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