Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Latest from Iran (20 May): A Tip of the Hat to President Obama?

0610 GMT: It's not often you see Iranian State media casting President Obama in a good light, but Press TV does so this morning, "World Powers Hopeful about Iran-P5+1 talks in Baghdad: Obama".

The Iranian outlet's optimism is striking when neither The Washington Post nor The New York Times carry any story about the G8 summit, where the US President made his statement, and Iran. (However, it should be noted the the Times was fed the line by Adminstration officials on Friday, "Heading Into Talks With Iran, U.S. Sees Hopeful Signs".)

The reason for Press TV's decision to headline the story is clear in its text, as it cites that Times article,  "These incentives may include easing restrictions regarding airplane parts."

Translation: the Islamic Republic is looking for a goodwill sign that the US and European powers will ease sanctions.

Question: does that gesture have to take place before Iran tables any proposal about its uranium enrichment?

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