Thursday, 24 December 2009

RT @manic77 2 Basiji Leaders Identified in Esfahan 23 Dec/ 2 Dey #Iranelection

  1. Plainclothes leader Alireza Bahrami works at Telecom in Esfahan and member of Basij Emam Ali in Apadana St Esfahan

  • Plainclothes agent Hamid Shahidi works at the Medical science office (Olome Pezeshki) in Esfahan 

  • Plainclothes leaders Alireza Bahrami & Hamid Shahidi were identified by eyewitnesses in Esfahan today

  • Alireza Bahrami & Hamid Shahidi are leaders of the plain clothes agents who attacked ppl in Esfahan today 

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