Wednesday, 30 December 2009

#IranElection 2 Key Turning Points [Iran Solidarity Vancouver]

Two important  events happened last week which forward another step the revolutionary movement of Iranian people last week. They were as follows:

First: People in the city of Sirjan attacked the stage set up for the execution of two people and released the two men after they were hung. People vote with their feet against execution. Watch this heroic act at the following link:;

They also burn the stage for the execution. Later police fired and killed more than 7 people:;

2nd, December 26th was another turning point in the revolutionary movement in Iran. People loud and clear declared that they will not stop until they overthrow the Islamic Regime. More than 800,000 people in Tehran took control of the streets for more than 12 hours and fight with Revolutionary gurards, Basijis, police and ministry information gangs.
The following are some videos related to this day:

1. People burning the Basiji base in the oil ministry:;

2. The scene of Barricade in College Bridge:;

3. people get the police car and release the arrested demonstrators:;

4. People start fire and shout death to Khamneie;

5.  Fighting with Regime forces and injured people:;

6. police car in fire:;

7. people get shot and die in street:;

8. people start fighting with the Regime forces:;

9. Angry People arresting one anti riot force, some beating him and some asking not to beat him:;

10.  Revolution square, people shouting Khamenei is murderer:;

11. Basiji forces attack people:;

12. People in street get the mask and weapon from one police:;[tt_news]=7583&tx_ttnews[backPid]=23&cHash=b85db76c2d

13. Demonstrators shout: Rape, murder, death to the Fagih ( khamenei):;

The first Revolution in 21 st century is developing and progressing in Iran. In order the progressive forces in Iran to direct that for a free, equal and Humane Iran, they need the help of all the progressive forces around the world. While BBC, VOA and othere mdia are trying to fabricate a reactionary leadership for this revolution( as they did in 1979 by supporting Khomeinie), the progressive forces in Iran rely on the support of progressive forces to win this battle. Spread the news and support the progressive forces in Iran to win this battle. Support the struggle of people in Iran and spread the news.

Iran Solidarity - Vancouver

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